What is Green Marketing?

The Green Marketing Maze Of Profitability & Sustainability:

What is Green MarketingMany people are asking, what is green marketingGreen marketing exists because the world won’t change until going green is cost effective.  It’s nice to save a tree, but if you want to have an impact and create a successful business, you need to remember it’s all about the consumer.  You need to find the balance of sustainability and profitability and The Green Marketing Company is here to help.

What is green marketing?

Green marketing is also known as environmental marketing. The Green Marketing Company defines green marketing as the marketing of products and services based on the environmental factors of the total product life cycle.  Green marketing or environmental marketing often involves products that are green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient. However, there isn’t a product or service that can’t benefit from green, emotional marketing.

Nobody is perfect and no product is perfectly green. Did you drive to buy it, use electricity to download it, did your solar installer use any petroleum product during the transaction. The world changes by making one small change today and another tomorrow.  The Green Marketing Company can help you reach more customers and develop the green side of your business cost effectively.

The Green Marketing Company is dedicated to the cause of teaching people to go green cost effectively. We create emotional direct response campaigns that elevate your business in the customers mind, driving more business to you at a significantly lower cost. This requires a 2 step process, you need to be where the customers are looking and your message needs to be instantly attractive and compelling.

People buy from people they like and people buy based on emotion. So if you want to close the sale you had better show some passion! Going green is a catchy phrase but it is much simpler than that. What is green marketing? Green marketing is about doing the right thing and giving people a reason to like and trust you. The Green Marketing Company will work hard to earn your trust.

How competitive are you? If you are finding it difficult to compete on price, quality and service alone, try the emotional angle. Going green can make you more likeable and can enhance your image in the market place. You can solidify and increase your share of the market among the growing population of environmentally conscious folks that are interested in your product or service with  environmental marketing.

You need to begin somewhere. Start your green or  environmental marketing marketing campaign by making sure you can back up your claims. You can do this by certifying your product by a recognized organization such as the EPA. The familiar label gives consumers a feeling of trust in your product that it was produced in an environmentally friendly manner and that your company has similar goals, standards and ethics as they do.  Now, isn’t that the basis for any great relationship? What is green marketing? When you think of green marketing, think of trust.

The green &  environmental marketing market is anticipated to hit 3.5 trillion in the next 6 years and The Green Marketing Company is uniquely positioned to emerge as a global leader, and we are looking for successful professionals to help us build a green world.

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