Websuite Development

Why Settle For A Website?

Now You Can Get A Websuite!

Gain control over your content & social media.

99.99% of websites online are not optimized or utilized correctly.

Yes anyone can build one, but will it make money for you?

The Green Marketing Company creates affordable and highly powerful online packages that will get your company noticed.  We are WordPress experts we can create your site and train you to use it.  It’s as simple as a phone call to 203-994-3950 to get started.

Our packages include a custom, search engine optimized,  website/WordPress blog, LinkedIn Group, Twitter account and  Facebook page.  All of your sites are linked together and WordPress lets you send updates to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress simultaneously.  Time is money, there really is no such thing as free advertising but it is easy to get moving if you know where to start.

Here Is What Is Included In Your Package:

* WEBSITE/BLOG:  Create a custom 10 page website with 25 pictures and links to your social media, 1 year registration. Optimized for the search engines to get you noticed fast and create years of free advertising. WordPress is an amazingly powerful content management system that is FREE. And it has a lot of power under the hood for a small or medium business looking for an easy way to manage their web site.

* EMAIL:  Build a professional image for your business with a customer email address. 5 custom email addresses to organize your contacts by employee or division.

* TWITTER:  Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world. We will create an account and send your first tweet.

* FACEBOOK:  Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. A fan page lets you build a database of interested users. You can send messages about new products, services and events.

* LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for business professionals and a must have if you market business to business!

* 1 Hour Consultation:   We help you get started and show you how to best use your online package to promote your business.

Example:  RWSBBQ.com

Hire someone with knowledge and experience.

Within 10 days of registering our site we had links on the first page of GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO, competing against 230 million websites worldwide… We are a full service sales, marketing and advertising firm. We Can Get Your Local Business Noticed! Owner, Steve Schappert has been featured on TV & radio over 20 times in the last year. Steve has taught elementary, high school, college and even a master’s class at Yale. Now Steve can teach you how to grow your business in a down market.

“Keep stepping forward. Persistence conquers all, there is no replacement, not talent, genius, nor education… nothing comes close. Persistence is born of passion and determination and can be found at the root of every great human achievement. When persistence is fueled by the heart, there are no limits to your success.  Determine the object of your desire and get started today”   ~ Steve Schappert

 Take Action Now!

We’ll help you find the sweet spot and you’ll feel better knowing your business is on the fast track!

No Monthly Server Fees! We rent server space at a ridiculous price and can register and host your .com website for $12.99 for the entire year!

Starter Package: 5 page WordPress site, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,  1 hour of training. $500.  RWSBBQ

Advanced Package: 10 page WordPress format, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,  2 hours of training.  $800  CTShoe.com

Professional Grade:  100 pages, 100 images, WordPress format, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin  $5000  example: I-bed.Info

Market Dominator: 1000 pages and posts, WordPress Format, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, 10 hours of training.  $35,000 Example: TheGoodWord.Me  The Good Word has recently grwon to over 14,000 pages, but the look and feel is similar.


but… this only lasts till September 2013 so contact us today!   203-994-3950  Sales@TheGreenMarketingCompany.com

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