This Prius ad pegs the meter on environmental imagery

Uploaded on Aug 21, 2011
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Surveys done of Prius owners reveal that they appreciate the energy efficiency of the car, but the number one reason they buy this car is because it “says something about my priorities and lifestyle.” The Honda Civic hybrid does not showcase the owner’s passion for green like the unique styling of a Prius. And Prius owners are willing to pay more for this too. A study shows that hybrid owners in Colorado are will to pay $1000 to $4000 more for this car just because of its unique styling.

And Toyota markets the hell out of this consumer behavior. This Prius ad pegs the meter on environmental imagery. The Prius ad features weird music, dancing suns, frolicking fields of grass, and young children dressed as flowers. These ads are a little weird and that’s exactly what hybrid owners crave – to be different.

Now contrast that ad with this Chevy Volt ad (20705). What you’ll notice is that the imagery is identical to every other boring car ad in the world – standard vehicle beauty shots on long highways. The BMW ad has the same hackneyed approach. The Lexus hybrid ad shows hundreds of drab grey cars driving in circles while the announcer drones on about the company’s experience in the hybrid market. This ad markets cars, while Toyota is marketing a revolution that just happens to have a car as its symbol.

What Toyota has understood from the beginning was the mindset of their customers. They realized that these green renegades weren’t just looking for economical transportation. They were looking to join a revolution and Toyota was smart enough to give it to them. From the unique vehicle styling, to the weird advertising, the Prius is not just a car but a bold statement of a life mission.

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