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What Benefit Do You Promise Your Customers?

You have approximately .4 seconds to telegraph the value you will bring to your potential customer, so you better make the most of it. This promise is often referred to as a value proposition in business school circles.  One of the worst things you can do is speak in business school terms when addressing your customers.  You need to get in the head of your customer and find out what desire they need fulfilled.  Now here is the most important part, nobody cares about why yours is better than your compettion in that .4 seconds, they want to know what value you are bringing them.  How will you solve a problem and bring real tangible and desired results to their life.

Take a few hints from a robot to learn about humanity.  Search engines compare what people ask for to what is offered on the net.  *Note (not having a website in today’s world is like having a business 30 years ago without a phone) What would you type in to a search engine, if you were looking for you?  Your name needs a clear connection to the benefit, the description should have a clear connection to the benefit and the key words should be the benefit they are searching for.  These simple steps will put you where they are looking with a message they want to act on, the result is sales.

Hope this helps,

Steve Schappert, President, The Green Marketing Company

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