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How to develop a sustainability marketing strategy

Are you currently developing a sustainability marketing strategy? Want some tips on how to make it as effective as possible? Then listen to this webinar recording.

This session will cover:

* Understanding why sustainability marketing is different to conventional marketing

* Developing the sustainability marketing mix: Where to start

* Real life examples of successful and not-so-successful green marketing campaigns

* How social media is transforming sustainability marketing and how to make the most of it

* Top tips for making your campaign a success

* Q&A session

The speaker for the session, Ken Peattie, spent the last 11 years as the Director of BRASS, the Centre for Business, Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society, and is also a Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. The work of BRASS focused on business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and particularly on the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders.

He has 20 years of experience researching how businesses are integrating sustainability principles into their corporate and marketing strategies.

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emotional marketing is used to brand eco-friendly cars

Uploaded on Aug 21, 2011
Read how emotional marketing is used to brand eco-friendly cars at the emotional marketing blog at: http://602communications.com/site/?p=…

But there is good news on the car marketing front. There are a couple of companies that have created ad campaigns that break free of the traditional car beauty shot imagery. This Nissan ad dreams of a world with zero emissions. The delightful Audi ad goes after an entirely new breed ecological enthusiast. It positions the traditional environmentalists as a bunch of wimpy, tree-hugging, sissies and firmly puts the conversation right in Audi’s sweet spot – performance driving.

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