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What Does Your Business Need To Succeed?

This is one of the most challenging markets I have seen. At age 49 I fortunately didn’t have to go though the great depression.

More sales, more diverse product line, a larger staff…every business is different and the needs are different, but two things remain constant, you need off the charts creativity and finite knowledge to get you where you need to go.

steve peaceThe first thing I suggest is to talk to someone about your business, just brain storm and see what happens, too often we get tunnel vision.

I don’t think like most people. I’m a little different, some say crazy, some say genius.  Do you think you can succeed in these times by thinking like everyone else?

4 years ago, I had $69 million in financing as CT’s leader in green building, I was pouring the foundation for my $3.5 million home and office when the market crashed and my partner left me for dead. (financially anyway) Not really his fault, times were bad and he had to go.

Armed with $143 and a 72’ convertible Mustang, I toured the country and figured out how to increase the gas mileage by 58%.  I was featured on ABC, NBC and CNN .  Like I said, I’m a little different, my high school guidance counselor told me I was the only learning disabled genius she ever met.  Overcoming a traumatic brain injury at 15 helped me become a great teacher.

8 Months ago I created THE GOOD WORD, a multi media publication with a print piece that reaches 500,000 people in Western CT. The Website http://TheGoodWord.Me now gets about  a million hits a day, is written in 67 languages and read in 163 countries. Now I am   developing town and state pages for THE GOOD WORD to expand the reach and recruit licensees.

One Question:  How can I help you?

Someone to Listen: Many times all it takes to jump start your business is to talk to someone, get a different perspective or simply reconfirm what you already know.  Go ahead pick up the phone and call me at 203-994-3950. Let’s chat and hash out a cost effective plan to get you moving in the right direction!

Consulting:  I have an uncanny ability to convey complex techniques in simple terms. I have taught kindergarten, high school and college. I taught Realtors about green building at the national real estate convention in Vegas and a master’s class in elementary education  at Yale Peabody. Our most popular product is a websuite that integrates a website with social media and the training to allow you to promote yourself, starting at $300.

Website: Do you want to go global, regional or local?

Advertising: print, social or online – we can help.

Social Media:  Are you reaching out on a consistent basis, nobody will listen if your not talking.  We can insure that your message is delivered hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly so you stay on top of people conscious and sub conscious mind.

Leave a comment and join the discussion!  We can learn from each other.

Don’t Put Off Your Dreams Another Day!

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