Sustainability Report

Our sustainability report for small business provides a guideline to save money while going green and growing your business.

Sustainability Report
Sustainability = Long Term Profitability. The Green Marketing Company can help you get started.

 Our 4 Step Sustainability Report Can Help You Go Green, Save Energy and Make Money!

1. SUSTAINABILITY: Our Sustainability Report will evaluate your sustainability both environmentally and financially. Our Comprehensive & FREE Sustainability Report Will Help You Identify & Review:

Energy supply costs, usage, insulation, ventilation, heating and cooling systems
• Water usage and conservation
• Waste management, reduction and recycling
• Greenhouse gas emissions / Carbon foot print
• Employee Wellness, Health, and Safety
• Responsible and ethical sourcing and production of materials

2. PROFITABILITY: Our Sustainability Report can increase your profits by lowering your energy and operating expenses. We Help You Implement the Improvements! No money down and 0% financing is available.  We focus on the most cost effective improvements first so you can do well by doing good! Switching your energy supplier can save you 10% with only a 2 minute investment. Once we verify your eligible for the program, establish objectives and analyze data we will meet with you to determine the best plan of attack for you. We then show you how to promote the good things you do to attract more customers.

3. MARKETABILITY: Promote your good deeds with a cost effective marketing campaign.  We promote your sustainability efforts and alert the media with press releases, updating your website, social media etc. We have an amazingly affordable intro package to get small businesses online for only $150. Our intro package includes a custom website, email, WordPress Blog, Twitter, Facebook page, press release and 1 hour consultation.

4. LIKEABILITY: People buy from people they like, people like people that do good things, being likeable is the most cost effective way to grow your business.   I started my first business when I was 12 years old. I went to my uncle Jim, who was a successful electrical contractor in the city. I asked him why people bought from him; did he have any pearls of wisdom he could share? Uncle Jim told me, “people buy from you because they like you, more than anything else. I have always remembered this and I pass it on to everyone. Likeability is the easiest, most cost effective means to grow your business. People like people that do good things, so the more people find out about your good deeds, the faster your business will grow.

ENERGYSmall Business Energy Advantage: Innovative Solutions.

In today’s competitive environment, energy efficiency is a key element in maintaining a healthy bottom line. The Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program is designed to provide cost-effective, turnkey energy-saving services for small commercial and industrial customers who do not have the time, financial resources, or in-house expertise necessary to analyze and reduce their energy usage. With support from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, you now have the financial assistance and expert guidance that will enable you to determine your energy future. You can make decisions based on efficient technology that will benefit your business in the long term.

Typical energy-efficiency measures in our Sustainability Report may include:
Energy-Efficient Lighting
• High-performance fluorescent lighting Induction and LED lighting technology
• Occupancy sensors
• Photocells Energy-Efficient Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
• Equipment upgrades Programmable thermostats
• Energy-Efficient Refrigeration
• Anti-condensation door heater controls
• Evaporator fan controls
• Open case night covers
• Electronically commutated motors Plus…
• Air compressors
Variable frequency drives
• Premium-efficiency motors

Our Sustainability Report will calculate an estimate of your commercial building’s water usage in comparison to the U.S. average and the LEED baseline.

Our Sustainability Report will help organizations find the best health and wellness programs for their specific needs. All organizations are different thus we believe in tailoring health and wellness solutions to fit the corporate culture of the organizations with which we work. Using this method we are able to create highly personal wellness programs which offer a better wellness return-on-investment (ROI). Wellness Proposals is affiliated with over 150 different wellness companies and can provide virtually any type of wellness program.

Our Sustainability Report Offers The Following Free Consulting Services:
• Ergonomic Evaluations
• Evaluation of Occupational Injury and Illness Logs
Health and Safety Training and Education
• Indoor Air Quality Surveys
• Job Hazard Analysis
• Noise Monitoring
• Non-Ionizing Radiation Monitoring
• OSHA Standard-Specific Program Development (hazard communication, lockout/tag out, confined space, respirators and more…)
• Personal Exposure Monitoring for Biological Contaminants
• Personal Exposure Monitoring for Chemical Contaminants
• Safety and Health Program Development

Carbon Foot Print / Green House Gas Emissions: Benefits of assessing and tracking your business’ carbon footprint include:

  • Increase Sales – Supports customer tender action requirements
  • Reduce Cost – Save energy & other operational costs
  • Compliance – Prepare your business for mandatory reporting & other legislation
  •  Market differentiation – Enhances your business & brand’s sustainability credentials, PR opportunities
  • Stakeholder management – Helps meet CSR objectives, enhances staff morale -helps attract / retain employees & attracts investors

Waste Reduction & Recycling:
We calculate the total Green House Gas emissions of baseline and alternative waste management practices—source reduction, recycling, combustion, composting, and land filling. The model calculates emissions in metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE), metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E), and energy units (million BTU) across a wide range of material types commonly found in municipal solid waste (MSW)

Who’s Eligible?
This exciting new program is still being developed and we are looking for Retail, Office, Commercial and Industrial customers that are looking to save money and go green.

How Does the Program Work?
In Connecticut we recommend a program from CL&P. Once CL&P determines that you are eligible for the program, the contractor will call you to schedule a visit. During the visit, the contractor will conduct an energy assessment of your facility at no cost to you. This assessment will be reviewed by CL&P and if accepted, the contractor will present a proposal to you. The comprehensive proposal will include all possible energy-efficiency measures, the complete costs and estimated energy savings, along with available SBEA program incentives and your financing options. Once the paper work has been signed, your project will begin within 30 days. You have the option to pay nothing up front. The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s SBEA program incentives will offset a portion of the cost of the eligible measures. Interest-free financing for the balance of the project is available for qualified customers. The financed amount will appear on your monthly electric bill, allowing you to make just one monthly payment for both your SBEA loan and your electric bill. Loan limits are from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $100,000.The financial incentives will help get your project completed the right way, the first time. The energy-saving benefits will continue on, year after year.


“A sustainability report is an organizational report that gives information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance.[1]

Sustainability reporting [2] is not just report generation of collected data it is a method to internalize and improve an organization’s commitment to sustainable development in a way that can be demonstrated to both internal and external stakeholders.

Organizations must ensure a robust system for sustainability management and reporting with regards to:

  • Transparency
  • Traceability
  • Compliance

Corporate sustainability reporting has a long history going back to environmental reporting. The first environmental reports were published in the late 1980s by companies in the chemical industry which had serious image problems. The other group of early reporters was a group of committed small and medium-sized businesses with very advanced environmental management systems.

Non-financial reporting, such as sustainability and CSR reporting, is a fairly recent trend which has expanded over the last twenty years. Many companies now produce an annual sustainability report and there are a wide array of ratings and standards around. There are a variety of reasons that companies choose to produce these reports, but at their core they are intended to be “vessels of transparency and accountability”. Often they also intended to improve internal processes, engage stakeholders and persuade investors.[3]

Organizations can improve their sustainability performance by measuring, monitoring and reporting on it, helping them have a positive impact on society, the economy, and a sustainable future. The key drivers for the quality of sustainability reports are the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),[4] (ACCA)award schemes or rankings. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines enable all organizations worldwide to assess their sustainability performance and disclose the results in a similar way to financial reporting.[5] The largest database of corporate sustainability reports can be found on the website of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.” –  Via Wikipedia

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