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Marketing 101: It’s easier to stand out in a crowded market if you’re the one smiling in the rain…

Environmental Consultant, Marketing Guru & Hopeless Romantic, Dedicated To Peace, Healthy Living & Environmental Justice.

I’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, interviewed by ChangeMakers Radio, The New York Times, Kiplinger’s, recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine, featured in international trade magazines for customer service, screen calls with TLC channel, considered as a writer for real estate investment for dummies, over 10 hours of video interviews with Comcast and I was the #8 amateur poet in the world in 2008.  Would you like to get a little more exposure?  Call me!

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 Hi, my name is Steve Schappert I founded The Green Marketing Company on August 15th. of 2011. The concept was a fusion of my passion for all things green and my lifetime of sales and marketing experience. Yup, at age five I went door to door in the winter asking if, “me and the boys” could shovel snow, so we could buy our supply of Bazooka bubble gum that week. At age five I learned the power of smiling and asking for the order…pppplease! The purple lips probably helped to evoke an emotional response.  I have been successful at positioning myself as an expert in my field, whether it be contracting, energy or real estate.  I now offer my marketing expertise to help others. Most recently I shot a video with Inhabitat that was sponsored by HomeDepot.

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Water car traveling cross-country

Experience:  I created the first website for my hometown, Brookfield, CT back in 1996, then the site for the library, the elementary school, Candlewood Lake Authority, Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials and finally my real estate business and 486 other sites relevant to my businesses. All of my income for the last 15 years has come from the web or a referral, because my sites sat on top of GOOGLE for years. My real estate business supplied 550 leads a month to a network of 2000 agents nationwide. My building business shipped a home from upstate NY to Germany, because we were on the top of GOOGLE. Being on the top of GOOGLE helps when the media wants to do a story or reality show on your industry. I received 2 screen calls from the TLC channel in NYC and my business was recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine. The Woman’s Day article had an initial distribution of 30 million readers. We received leads from the article for 6 years because of the magazines shelf life. I have been interviewed by ABC, NBC, and CNN all because of Facebook or my websites. So the competition can keep laughing about the ridiculously low intro prices, because they won’t last for long. In the month of January 2012, I hired 16 regional managers in 8 countries and I opened 5 offices in CT.

What happened? Everything was wonderful 3 yeas ago, I was building my 15,000 sf home and office, valued at $3.6 Million. We had financing approvals for $12 million, a letter of intent for another $69 million and $1.3 Billion with a capital “B” on the drawing board. Then the market crashed and over lunch I lost $1,200,000, it was everything, my investor left me with $142.

Marketing was always my strength but I only spent 5% of my time doing it, and 95% on operations. Since I have to recreate myself I am going to spend 100% of my time doing what I love and excel at…marketing. Down side to working for yourself forever and opening a marketing business… no referrals, I was the marketer and the client. I am spending my first few months putting together my happy client list with raving testimonials, it seems to be a great place to start, and yes the prices will be going up at the end of the month. I have combined my passion for all things green with my natural marketing instinct to create The Green Marketing Company. The Green Marketing Company is a full service marketing, sales and advertising firm.

I understand what it is like to work with a tight budget. I started the Green Marketing Company with my last 20 bucks. I registered for 99 cents, printed 10 black and white fliers, walked to 10 businesses and got my first sale. Ten days later the website out ranked 230,500,000 other pages relevant to green marketing and landed on the first page of three major search engines. That was the day I realized I could compete as a world class advertising agency.

Over the years media sources have called on Schappert when looking for a real estate or green building expert. These days Schappert is asked to speak about all things green. In March of this year Schappert provided a four hour presentation at the Yale Peabody Museum to a Masters class in science education, the music video is linked below. Schappert has been recognized nationally for my expertise as a broker, contractor and green expert. Banks, real estate companies and homeowners in New York, Connecticut and Arizona have relied on Schappert’s skill in evaluating homes and making cost effective improvements to maximize profits. Schappert has shipped energy efficient homes as far as Germany! Last summer Schappert toured the country in a hydrogen hybrid 72′ convertible Mustang and was interviewed by ABC, NBC and CNN radio to mention a few.

Schappert had focused Panelized Building Systems and Bios Building Technologies on energy efficient and energy independent construction for both remodeling and new construction projects. Utilizing state of the art geothermal and photovoltaic technology, Schappert hoped to take a leading position in the advancement of Energy Independent Building (buildings that produce more power than they use)! To accomplish this Schappert had developed his own trademarked product line, called BIOS. The “BIOS” concept in its most basic form is simply, “do well by doing good”, a simple philosophy that could save the environment and boost the economy. Schappert says, “There are no delusions, it is a lifetime of work for many people. A lifetime dedicated to leaving the world a better place for the next seven generations. It’s about people caring enough to get involved, roll up their sleeves and taking ownership in a cause that is more than just building and selling homes. It’s our present, our future and the dreams of many. Today Steve is focusing all his efforts on building the BIOS brand and helping others promote the green side of their business. Steve is searching for others to partner with to make the world a little greener and affordable, because he knows full well the combination is required for the world to see real sustainable change. Schappert now feels he can do more good by helping other companies with their marketing instead of handling all the operations himself.

Steve’s NYC Interview With Rew Starr. Steve talks about Green Building, Al Gore, Global Warming, GreenFest and The BIOS WaterCar

Here is a simple list of accomplishments from over the years starting with the most recent:

* Links, Pictures and Videos of Recent Publicity

* 8/15/2011 Launched The Green Marketing Company

* Steve featured on Comcast On-Demand

* Taught Master’s Class on Advances in Science Education at Yale Peabody Museum See music video created from presentation

* Featured Speaker at Barkhamsted Elementary School View Presentation

* October 2010 Certified Building Analyst

* Founder of the BIOS WaterCar Project A 72′ Convertible Mustang that gets 58% better gas mileage using water for fuel.

* Host Green Drinks Waterbury and Brookfield CT.

* Created GreenFest A Battle of the bands with 23 bands from CT, NY, RI, Washington DC and Armenia!

* Created the BIOS Center Concept: A Green Living Expo with alternative energy museum and environmental art gallery.

* Founder Bios Energy Systems a division of BIOS Building Technologies a licensed CT home improvement contractor. BIOS markets the following services: electricity that is the low cost leader in CT with a higher % of renewable energy, energy audits, energy efficient home improvements, cost effective alternative energy and or co-generation systems, and back-up power in the form of batteries of generators.

* Schappert featured on NBC’s Going Green and ABC News CNN Radio

* Featured speaker at National Real Estate Convention. The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents annual convention is in Las Vegas this year along with the National Association of Realtors Convention. The theme of the 2007 convention was Green Building and Steve Schappert delivered a 3 hour presentation on the subject.

* Featured Speaker: Environmental Sciences Class The Sound School regional vocational high school for aqua & agriculture

* Featured Speaker: Sustainable Business Class Gateway Community College

* Founder The BIOS Organization. Our goal: “Making your life green, healthy and sustainable”

* “How To Promote Your Green Contracting Business” Created multimedia presentation, with Co speaker Craig Clark of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency fund.

* Founder Panelized Building Systems

* BIOS Ships Home To Germany with double wall construction in January 2008

* Featured Speaker for the Merwinsville Historic Hotel Restoration

* New Bios Building featured in Litchfield County Times, Danbury News Times

* Featured as the Green Building Pro in the Litchfield County Times “Passport Magazine” article Shades of Green.

* Steve Schappert credited with inspiring “Smart Growth” in New Milford.

* Steve Schappert Gets Screen Call for new reality show called “Real Estate Road trip”

* Featured On The Cover of Builder Architect Magazine

* Featured on NBC News with Rob Morrison “CT Waterfront Treasures”

* Featured in Professional Painting Contractor Magazine

* Featured in and recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine “Get a broker on your side. In most states, real-estate agents work for the seller, not the buyer. This means that the agent wants to get the seller the best price possible. Using a buyer’s broker, who has your best interest in mind, may help you shave thousands off a home’s purchase price, mortgage or various other costs, and there is no fee to the consumer.” Woman’s Day suggests to find a buyer’s broker, you should call one of the many referral services across the country such as Buyer’s Trust “- “Cutting Your Expenses” by Karen J. Bannan was featured in the January 2nd. edition of Woman’s Day Magazine

* Featured in the Commercial Record

* Interviewed by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

* # 8 Amateur Poet In The World 2008 Poetry by Steve Schappert A master communicator, Schappert was published in two books and recorded —on 3 CD collection.

* Considered as potential writer for “Real Estate Investment for Dummies

* New Milford Spectrum, Developer Is Trying To Change The World

* Danbury News Times, Businessman Promotes Home Town

* New York Times, Quoted as the Candlewood Waterfront Expert

Steve Schappert Gets Screen Call!

Steve Schappert of Buyer’s Trust Real Estate will be headed to Manhattan on Monday to Meet with producer Mike Wechsler for a new reality TV Show Wechsler is putting together for the BBC called, “Real Estate Road Trip”. For the first time in America, you can have the opportunity to try out a house before you buy it. You tell us what you’re looking for in a new house, and we will match you up with three different properties. Then you get to choose to spend the night in one of the properties to see if it is a good fit for you and your family – and if you want to purchase the house.

Kathleen Chiras of Skyforinc., a national referral service, confirms she has been speaking to the casting director for about a month in an email to Schappert. Chiras says, “Good luck, Steve! Yes, I ‘ve been talking with the casting producer there for about a month. Let’s hope they pick an EBA! KC “. Tom Early President of The Buyer’s Real Estate Brokerage and President of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents had this to say, “Fantastic, keep me informed. I too sent them a bio but have not heard from them. Tom “

Schappert said, “I had no idea about the show but on Friday I received a phone call from Mike Wechsler of BBC Production in Manhattan. They are doing a reality TV show about home buying. I was interviewed, over the phone by Mike, he asked for a picture so, I gave him my website for Buyers Trust. he said he would get back to me. He called back one minute later and asked me to come to Manhattan for a screen call on Monday at 11. “

“I really appreciate the opportunity regardless of whether I am chosen or not. This will be a great PR piece for Exclusive Buyer Agents everywhere! Schappert and Wechsler also talked briefly about Schappert’s new zero energy mixed use building in New Milford.”

Real Estate Veteran Has Been Starting Businesses Since Childhood

May 14, 2004
By Ashley Wilkins,
Editorial Assistant
, The Commercial Record

Most 12-year-old boys are interested in video games and sports. Most 24-year-old men are trying to figure out how to begin their careers. Most successful business owners choose one pursuit and make it work. Most people are not Steve Schappert, chief executive officer of Brookfield-based Buyer’s Trust Real Estate, whose career began early and shows no signs of slowing down. Born in New Rochelle, N.Y., Schappert moved to Brookfield when he was 2 and by the age of 12 had already started a successful business mowing lawns in the neighborhood. After graduating from high school, an accomplishment he jokes on his Web site happened because administrators “were afraid to have [him] around another year,” Schappert began painting houses. He attended Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, where he studied marketing and psychology, although he didn’t graduate. “I had been self-employed since I was 12,” said Schappert. “I figured I’d go to get the knowledge, but I didn’t need the degree.” Instead, having accrued some experience in the industry, Schappert moved to Arizona at the age of 24 to begin a house-painting business, and soon had 10 people working for him. In 1992 he returned to Brookfield where he applied his knowledge and expertise and began a painting and contracting business. Within 18 months he had 25 employees and was successful enough to be named “Contractor of the Year” by Sherwin-Williams in 1993. Schappert shifted his focus in 1994 from contracting to real estate, and after working for someone else for two years, became a broker in 1996. No stranger to starting his own businesses, he began Buyer’s Trust Real Estate that same year. “Buyer’s Trust is sort of a niche business, focusing on the buyer’s side,” said Schappert, who added that at first the idea of such a honed pursuit was not greeted with enthusiasm. “When I opened Buyer’s Trust, brokers laughed at me,” said Schappert. “‘You’re only doing buyers. You’re giving away half your business,’ they said. I said, ‘Yeah, but there are 1,700 agents in the Danbury area and I’m the only one doing something different.’”

A Novel Concept
To Schappert, doing something different seemed like something natural. The conventional practice of Realtors representing multiple parties was something he saw as a contradiction. “Realtors working for traditional offices represent themselves. They’re promising to get the highest prices for the seller, but they also claim to represent the buyer. How do they do that? How does one attorney represent both the husband and the wife in a divorce? They can’t do it, can’t give both sides 100 percent,” said Schappert. And so Buyer’s Trust was born, a company based around the novel concept of putting the buyer first. In straying from the trodden path, Schappert was able to set himself apart enough to be recognized on a national scale. He was featured in an NBC News special entitled “Connecticut Waterfront Treasures,” in The New York Times as Candlewood Valley’s premier buyer-broker and in a Women’s Day magazine article on how to minimize expenses. The road to such acclaim has been a long and rather slow-going one. Initially the problem was getting the word out. “I got into the business not being able to afford advertising,” said Schappert, although the problem did not deter him. “I figured out how to develop a Web site and have since gotten the Web site to the point where we do national referrals.”

It was not an immediate process. “The public view of the Web site has a six- or seven-year project behind it that I put $500,000 into. It’s the backbone of the system,” said Schappert. Upon logging into the site, a potential client will see a list of state names. Once they click on a state and fill out their request, the Web site automatically sends the referral to an exclusive buyer agent in the selected area. The system is vast and has taken a long time to complete.

“We’ve spent so many years developing the system and aligning ourselves with companies. We’ve spent seven years building it and now we’re at the point where it’s complete and all we have to do is really turn the power on,” said Schappert. Apparently, the amps are flowing, since Schappert says that Buyer’s Trust has been growing at a monthly rate of 20 percent to 30 percent for the past seven months. “It’s growing like wildfire,” said Schappert. “If a partner walked in with $10 million tomorrow, we could spend it easily just to keep up with [growth].” Buyer’s Trust Real Estate is not the only company with which Schappert is involved. On the contrary, he has his hands in a variety of endeavors. “I currently own 11 businesses and run them all simultaneously,” said Schappert. “I have eight partners in various businesses. My days are filled from morning to night.” One of the fastest-growing businesses is Panelized Building Systems, a company that offers 100 percent financing for new construction and allows the homeowner to act as the general contractor. Upon closing the house with a 20 percent to 30 percent equity, people can use the program to their financial advantage. Schappert is also just starting a company called Listing Only, the sister business to Buyer’s Trust. He opened the business three months ago in an attempt to expand the idea of a focused business, although this time he intends to only represent sellers. And while the company is currently only in place in Connecticut, “because we already built the contact management system, we just have to go clip, paste and it goes nationwide,” said Schappert. His nationalization plans are in place in order to further his goal of catering to his customers and to provide a more personal touch to his profession, something that he finds rewarding. As stated on Buyer’s Trust’s Web site, he feels “validated as a purchasing professional,” said Schappert. “I do not sell homes; I assist my clients in the purchase of real estate on their terms.”
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