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Spark Of The Party Photo Booth

A Great Big Thank You To Quassy For Hosting GreenFest 2013

Quassy Amusement

Please join us this year as a vendor or sponsor at GreenFest 2013

Scott Logan of Logan Automotive is the chief mechanic of The BIOS WaterCar.

The Sears Home Town Store has the largest selection of Energy Star Appliances
Learn How Public Banking Can Finance the New Green Economy
Econatura Organic Soap
We will be selling Organic body soap to raise money for the project.

The Good Word
The Good Word is a green marketing publication
The Green Marketing Company can help you lower your expenses and increase sales. Our FREE Sustainability Report helps you lower operating expenses while going green.
Learn about Zero Energy Homes & Commercial Buildings
Simply by offering competitive rates to electric and gas customers, we’ve managed to offer much needed relief to hundreds of thousands of families, saving millions of dollars in a time of economic uncertainty.
And, every one of our products helps protect the environment by funding renewable energy and carbon offsets as well as giving to charitable organizations across the globe.
Panelized Building Systems
Learn about the benefits of Panelized construction.
Learn everything you need to know about lowering your energy bill


When you weigh installation cost against operating expenses, nothing is more efficient than Ductless Mini Split heat Pumps.