About GreenFest 2013

The Green Marketing Company & Quassy Amusement bring you GreenFest 2013!

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Quassy Amusement & Water Park  Middlebury, CT  Sept 7-8      Noon to 6pm

Peter Jam & The BIOS WaterCar at GreenFest 2010
Peter Jam & The BIOS WaterCar at GreenFest 2010

The Concert will benefit The BIOS World Peace Tour.  Co-Hosts  Steve Schappert and Peter Jam met at GreenFest 2010 in New Haven CT.   Schappert is known as the green guy and creator of The BIOS WaterCar.  The original GreenFest concert launched the cross country trip that taught Schappert how to increase the gas mileage by 58%.  During the trip he was featured on ABC, NBC and CNN.  Peter Jam (Jambazian) is a Lebanese-Armenian artist, activist, singer/songwriter, from Beirut who has recently been appointed “Ambassador For Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation -the interreligious and international federation for world peace- (Special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations). Peter went on to tour America and Europe after GreenFest 2010.

Steve Schappert at Peace Day Madison Square NYCIn 2011 Schappert and Jambazian were interviewed on a NYC Radio Station before attending peace day in Madison Square NYC together where Pete sang and Steve was interviewed by the Peace Lights Organization.

The two men have decided to team up this year to teach, preach and sing about peace and energy independence.  Schappert has created a multimedia presentation for elementary schools that the team will present to schools in the tri state area this fall.

  • RFP: Green business, consider this a request for a proposal, we intend to provide a complete green makeover for Quassy Amusement Park.
  • Peace: International ambassador of peace, Peter Jam will be the co-host this year and will share his ideas for spreading peace around the world.
  • Public Banking: Learn about a viable solution to the current economic  crisis that can fund the new green economy for the next generation.
  • Sustainable Master Plan: Learn about the nation’s first sustainable master plan that will provide a guide line for building a healthy environment and a sustainable future.
  • Healthy Living: Learn about simple changes you can make in your life that will help you live a longer more fulfilling life.
  • Using Water For Fuel: Learn about the exciting work that is being done around the world by back yard mechanics, engineers and MIT.  View the world famous BIOS WaterCar that has achieved a 58% increase in gas mileage. You can help support our work to develop a reliable system that will double the gas mileage by using water for fuel.

“The goal of GreenFest and The BIOS World Peace Tour is to create a powerful change in the world capable of bonding all race, creed, color and religion. We will accomplish this by spreading the BIOS Philosophy of Green, Healthy, Holistic, Organic, Sustainable and Energy Efficient living and by teaching others to do well by doing good.” -Steve Schappert