GreenFest 2013

greenfest 2013GreenFest 2013 Combines Entertainment & Education 

 You Can Learn, Have Fun & Feature Your Business, While Supporting Peace & Prosperity!

Quassy Amusement & Water Park  Middlebury, CT  Sept 7-8 Noon to 6

Our Goal: Create a more peaceful world by promoting all that is good, green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient.

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GreenFest was born in 2010 as a fundraiser for The BIOS WaterCar. The WaterCar is a 72′ Mustang that uses water for fuel to increase the gas mileage by 58%. Our goal this year is a 100% increase.  The car has been showcased in 28 states.  Peter Jam has traveled over 3 continents playing songs of peace.  Peter will be flying in this year from Beirut, Lebanon, where he won the international competition at The Hard Rock Cafe.  Together, the team joins together at GreenFest to promote peace & prosperity through green living.  Join Us!  Together, we can be the change! 

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  • RFP: Green business, consider this a request for a proposal, we intend to provide a complete green makeover for Quassy Amusement Park.
  • Peace: International ambassador of peace, Peter Jam will be the co-host this year and will share his ideas for spreading peace around the world.
  • Public Banking: Learn about a viable solution to the current economic  crisis that can fund the new green economy for the next generation.
  • Sustainable Master Plan: Learn about the nation’s first sustainable master plan that will provide a guide line for building a healthy environment and a sustainable future.
  • Healthy Living: Learn about simple changes you can make in your life that will help you live a longer more fulfilling life.
  • Using Water For Fuel: Learn about the exciting work that is being done around the world by back yard mechanics, engineers and MIT.  View the world famous BIOS WaterCar that has achieved a 58% increase in gas mileage. You can help support our work to develop a reliable system that will double the gas mileage by using water for fuel.

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Live, Love, Laugh & Learn  With 10 Bands & 50 Green Vendors and lots of amusement.  Don’t miss the Green Laser Maze!

The Green Marketing Company Presents GreenFest 2013

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One thought on “GreenFest 2013”

  1. Steve, have you ever wanted to come to Oklahoma to offer your products and services? If you attend any of the numerous next Conventions or service Demonstrations downtown OKC, be sure to invite me! Thanks! I live here, but it is not because it is advanced, and we need your products as well as many other Solar related green conservation processes. Replacing natural gas and coal are serious issues and in Oklahoma both are cheap, even cheaper than converting at first glance…but the facts are clear, that in the long run Solar and Wind are far cheaper to own and to maintain. It is just that the industries here do not support solar, being directly impacted by its efficiency and value to the consumer to become totally energy independent in just 6-8 years. Even car sales will eventually be affected, as Electrical cars become more cost effective and their ranges are extended. I can imaging easily now, a decade ahead where people do not even have to buy gasoline or fuel for their homes. It is a freedom we should already have here, but without support it is almost impossible to afford. Best wishes! Gregor Smith