How to Use Video to Engage with Your Green Customers, Members, and Prospects

Ok, so it’s good to laugh every now and then!  But I have to admit 24 million views over the last for years is a pretty impressive #!

Millions of people are watching Green videos online, right at this moment – including tons of your prospective customers. Video’s are a great opportunity to creatively engage your Green customers, and as a marketing tool, they work. Video in email marketing is found to boost conversion rates by 50%. Plus, it’s a valuable resource for your Green event marketing (let your invitees check out video of last year’s event) and kicks your social media marketing up a notch, too.


Check out our guide and learn:

  • Why video is a valuable resource for your business
  • Ideas for video topics
  • Tips for shooting a quality video
The Green Marketing Company hopes you find this information helpful. The Green Marketing Company’s goal to help you go green and earn green through the application of cost effective, green marketing techniques. Contact The Green Marketing Company Today!
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