Amp up Your Green Email Marketing with Social Media

If you’re feeling like social media green marketing is over your head, don’t despair. Constant Contact has an easy approach to reaching today’s tech-savvy web-users, aka your green customers, who expect you to be using the same green social media as they are.

Better yet, this service enhances your email marketing campaign. Why? Social networkers are the most likely to read, forward and reply to your emails, tweets and Facebook requests.

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It will also grow your green audience and bulk mail lists. Use this guide to understand how Constant Contact’s Social Networking platform can help you:

  • Quickly expand your green customer base with followers and fans outside of your green email list
  • Use terms from social networks, like  “green”, “Friend, ” “Groups,” “Fan Page,” “Followers,” and “Tweet”
  • Search Twitter for info and complaints about green competitors
  • Deepen your green customer relationships with a green marketing blog of daily thoughts and advice
  • Make your small green business more viral
  • Get “Friends” and “Followers” to spread the word about your green company.
  • Grow your bulk email marketing contact list
  • Extend the life of your old green content by posting it in new places
  • Get instant feedback from your Web 2.0 users
  • Enhance email newsletters with quotes from “green Friends” and “Followers”
  • Use a blog to create engaging email green marketing material
  • Understand social media etiquette (so you don’t break any rules)
The Green Marketing Company hopes you find this information helpful. The Green Marketing Company’s goal to help you go green and earn green through the application of cost effective, green marketing techniques. Contact The Green Marketing Company Today!
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