10 Green Marketing Strategies for Social Media Success

Even if “The Social Network” is the closest you’ve come to Facebook, these tips for social media marketing for a small business will be your next BFF (that’s best friend forever, and no, you don’t need to know that to get started either).


Using specialty social media sites like Yelp, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Foursquare might not be new to you at all. You might even be tracking their success with certain data analysis sites. But whether you’re new to social media or not, you’ll want to know these tricks to growing your audience and your business. This guide will explain how and why you should:

  • Set achievable goals for your social green marketing campaign
  • Brand you and your company with a social media personality
  • Learn where your green customers or members are
  • Reach out to your green customers and spread the word that you’re using social media
  • Find where your green company is being reviewed — verify the details and read what people are saying
  • Join conversations to add value
  • Use and re-use content throughout your social media network
  • Write relevant and engaging posts
  • Create a balance between an annoying-poster and a non-existent poster
  • Use Twitter Search to learn what people are saying about you — and your competitors
  • Get more details on NutshellMail, which will do your social media research for you — every day
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