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The Green Marketing Company is HootSuite certified, we manage over 360 social media accounts with Hootsuite in just minutes a day. Check out the video and if you need help give us a shout at 203-994-3950.

Seems everyone is talking about social media these days and with good reason. Social media is changing the way we do business, social media is changing the way we share with our friends, social media is toppling governments. Social media is a very powerful force that can make or break a business. If you don’t think you want to bother with social media, just remember, you have many competitors that are using social media to take your customers while you are reading this. Invest in social media and get expert help from a local advertising agency that will work side by side with you to get the results you need. The Green marketing Company can Help you with your social media

Are you seeking an experienced social media consultant to help your business or organization? The Green Marketing Company is a HootSuite Certified Professional. We are trained to help you utilize social media software tools to enhance your online communications and marketing strategy. As a full service marketing agency we also assist our clients in developing a complete, cost effective marketing strategy.

Make Friends & Add Clients!

Automate Your Social Media Promotion & Marketing

The Green Marketing Company Can Find and Engage Like-Minded People For You!  We can help you with any social network, but today we have a special promotion that targets Twitter and links it to your Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace accounts.




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