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CT Green Marketing
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Steve Schappert of The Green Marketing Company is Connecticut’s Green Marketing Expert. The Green Marketing Company is located at 147 Elm Street in Thomaston CT.  The 8500 sf Victorian estate was built and lived in by world famous clock maker, Seth Thomas.  The property is currently undergoing a green renovation.  The property is also the home of the world famous BIOS WaterCar, which achieved a 58% in gas mileage by using water for fuel.  The car will be on display at the company’s annual GreenFest.

The Green Marketing Company helps you increase profits by reducing operating expenses and maximizing marketing dollars for your Connecticut business.

The Green Marketing Company can assist Connecticut businesses obtain 100% upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners for qualified energy upgrades through the new C-pace program. Game-changing benefits for owners are:

  • C-PACE assessments may qualify as an operating expense. This means Connecticut business owners can finance improvements without incurring additional debt and preserve capital and credit lines for core business investments. Also, under typical leases, payments – as well as energy savings – can be passed along to tenants.
  • The tax obligation (which is attached to the property) transfers upon sale to the new owner. Unlike other lending options, payments do not accelerate in case of default.
  • The C-PACE program requires projects to be cash flow-positive from project completion. Financing is structured so that energy savings must more than offset the additional property tax assessment.
  • Deeper energy upgrades for Connecticut businesses are possible because the term of the assessment is up to 20 years and stays with the property rather than the owner.
  • Connecticut Business Owners achieve lower operating costs due to increased energy efficiency, improved asset value from new equipment, and a better indoor air quality and comfort for tenants.

The keys to green marketing:

  • Plow through obstacles with planning
  • Plant seeds of creativity
  • Fertilize with education
  • Cultivate synergistic relationships Nourish with inspiration
  • Reap the rewards of doing well by doing good.

In short,  The Green Marketing Company helps Connecticut businesses go Green while earning more green. Once expenses are lowered, a new marketing budget is created to promote the green improvements the company has made to benefit people and the planet.

Schappert started out as a contractor and was one on Connecticut’s leaders in green building.  Schappert shipped one of his BIOS homes all the way to Germany.  After the market crash, Schappert turned his attentions to marketing and the The Green Marketing Company was born.  The company created a green publication called The Good Word and a Green Event called GreenFest.  Four years have been spent developing the company from scratch, building a client list that now includes fellow team member of the Sustainable Master Plan and Nobel peace Prize winner, John Byrne.

To learn more contact Steve Schappert at The Green Marketing Company.

147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

Email  203-994-3950

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