Analyzing Social Media

The Green Marketing Company can analyze the performance of your social media campaign and maximize your return on investment. We are also available to train you at your place of business.

Customize. Automate. Simplify.

Get a better view of your social campaigns with powerful analytics tools and customizable reports that will give you a complete and comprehensive picture of your participation in social spaces.

HootSuite Social Analytics closes the loop between social and digital with real-time views into campaign results.

Facbeook Insights Screen ShotFacebook Insights

Monitor and measure your fans, likes, comments and page activity right from the dash. Drill down into your fans based on demographic, region, language, and post source. Optimize your messaging with per post insights, including reach, engaged users, “talking about this” and virality. Plus, historical comparisons allow you to see trends over time.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics and URL parameters, trace revenue and web conversions to your social outreach. Drill down into site traffic data including source, and region. View sparklines for page views, bounce rates and more.

Twitter Profile Stats Screen ShotTwitterProfile StatsTwitter Certified Analytics Badge

Gain an overview of your Twitter account by tracking the number of followers, following, lists, mentions, and more. Do more with your monitoring by comparing keywords over time and Twitter sentiment. Click Stats Screen Click Stats

Choose between individual and aggregated click stats for your shortened URLs. Drill down by region and date, track referers and popular links, and compare link summaries over time to help optimize your social media tactics.

Google+ Pages Screen ShotGoogle+ Pages Analytics

Google+ Page Analytics are also integrated into HootSuite, providing teams with five analytic modules to directly measure results, such as daily growth, number of users added to circles, +1 shares, and posts per day.

* This analytics module available with HootSuite Enterprise

Organization Analytics

Create reports based on your Organization’s metrics such as posts assigned, sent, and resolved. Stats are available for individual users activity and aggregated for the entire team.

* This analytics module available with HootSuite Enterprise

Analytics Reports

Analytics Reports Screen ShotKeep members of your organization in the loop with HootSuite Reports. Combine social media analytics integrations to create comprehensive reports that can be shared with any HootSuite user, not just team members. Schedule updates daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly so that everyone is up-to-date with your campaign results.
Choose between Quick Analytics and Custom AnalyticsCommunicate the volume, visibility, and perception of your social initiatives with teammates to identify successes and opportunities for improvement.

  • 40+ individual analytics modules to choose from
  • View dynamic real-time reports or download as a PDF
  • Customize titles and headers for branded reports
  • Lay out reports with ease using drag-and-drop functionality
  • Templated reports are available
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