The Green Marketing Company of Brookfield CT, opens shop in Thomaston CT.

147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

Steve Schappert formerly of Brookfield, CT has opened a marketing business in Thomaston. CT.  The company was founded in Schappert’s home town of Brookfield, CT. The new office is located at 147 Elm Street, Thomaston, CT. 06787.  The property was originally built by and lived in by Seth Thomas, the world famous clock maker that Thomaston is named after.  Schappert registered the company at Thomaston town hall in August and the Google maps application was registered the first week of September.  The first in a series of marketing seminars begin on September 26 at the new office.

The first seminar is called “The Survival Marketing Boot Camp”, The seminar is an intensive, hands on class for a group of six small business owners.  The group is intentionally kept small so the individual needs of the attendees can be met personally.  Schappert has been self employed all his life, his business primarily revolved around real estate and contracting, with a passion for alternative energy.  As a contractor Schappert was featured in international trade magazines for customer service.  As a green builder, Schappert was featured on NBC’s going green and was the featured speaker at the 2007 real estate convention in Las Vegas.  Schappert’s brand of zero energy homes were shipped as far as Germany before the market crashed.  As a realtor, Schappert was interviewed by the New York Times, featured on NBC’s Waterfront Treasures and was recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine to home buyers across the country.  When the building market crashed, Schappert created a hybrid system for his 72’ Mustang and toured the country for a month.  Schappert was featured on TV and radio 23 times by ABC, NBC, CNN and Comcast cable, the story was broadcast as far away as the UK.  Schappert attributes his success to his failures and his ability to get back up.  “You can’t be right all the time and the reality is you will strike out many more times than you will hit a home run, but that is how you learn, and I am the first to admit I learned a lot the hard way”, said Schappert.

Schappert’s strength as a marketing professional is in his ability to teach.  A near fatal car accident at age 15 turned his life around in a heartbeat.  “Going in to the corner, sitting in the passenger seat of a Pinto I had the highest comprehension in the school system. I woke up with a pressure relief valve in my skull and the comprehension of a 4th grader.  Over the years my brain has compensated by simplifying everything.  I learn slow but deeply.  My high school guidance counselor told me I was the only learning disabled genius she ever met.   She also told me I wasn’t supposed to graduate, but they didn’t want me back and thought I didn’t want to be there… so I graduated”, said Schappert.  Since then Schappert has taught energy conservation to elementary school, environmental science to high school, Green Building to realtors, sustainable business practices to college students and a master’s class on elementary education at Yale Peabody. “My goal is to empower business owners by providing the tools they need to succeed and teaching them how to use them.  If I can spare them a few of the mistakes and heart aches I’ve experienced and share some of the things that have worked really well, I can create value”, Said Schappert.

Schappert’s passion for marketing and all things green, prompted the decision to cut out all of the operations and simply focus on marketing and The Green Marketing Company was born.  The company started out providing affordable marketing solutions for small business and over the last 2 years has helped companies throughout CT.  The first 10 page website Schappert created was for a local deli; cost $50. “It has definitely been a tremendous struggle breaking into the marketing industry but I just keep pushing forward.  Proud moments consist of 30 year green marketing veterans calling after my second week in business and asking, who am I and where did I come from? I had created my website and within 10 days I was ranked #8 on Google, jumping in front of 25,000,000 websites competing for the key term, “Green Marketing” 2 years later the competition is 817,000,000 websites and we come up around #6. My last marketing meeting was with a Noble prize winner and I keep stepping forward”, said Schappert.  They can be found on the web at