Green Marketing Career

Are you looking for a Connecticut career opportunity in green marketing?

We are looking for people from all ages and backgrounds that want to make a difference while earning a good living.

The Green Marketing Company of Connecticut is a new and growing green business.  This may be the opportunity you were looking for to start a new career! Steve Schappert, founded the company in 2011. Steve has spent the majority of the time developing programs that will allow the company to stand out in the market.

THE GOOD WORD is a multi media platform that includes a print, web & social media.  There are plans for 5 editions in the state of Connecticut in 2014.   Steve’s strength is in marketing and there is an opportunity for dedicated, career minded sales people to compliment his skills. A green business back ground would be a plus!

There are 3 main income streams for the sales team at The Green Marketing Company. There are plans to expand to 7 income streams to provide a more stable career opportunity for our staff.

Advertising:  We are a full service green marketing and media company with our own publication in Thomaston, Connecticut. You can provide many green marketing solutions for your clients. You can choose from exclusive programs such as THE GOOD WORD.  THE GOOD WORD is designed to help your clients promote the good, green things they do to succeed while helping others.  THE GOOD WORD is written in 67 languages and read in 163 countries each day.  We  reached a million hits a day in April  and we anticipate further rapid growth.

Energy:  Our background and passion is in healthy living.  Each member of our sales staff  also represents North American Power. We will assist our clients in lowering their electricity and natural gas bills. Our sustainability report will lower their expenses and create more cash flow for marketing. Sustainability is the key to profitability for every green business.

These two services will make you a sales powerhouse! You will create repeat business and residual income.  We want to provide a challenging career opportunity and a comfortable retirement.  We are here to help you live your dreams.  Choose the career path that is right for you, you have the opportunity to offer a full list of services to your clients or specialize in just one.

  • Freedom from a job
  • Freedom from a boss
  • Freedom to be in business for yourself
  • Freedom to dream big

As a representative of The Green Marketing Company you can help your clients go green, earn green and save green!  Contact us today to start your green career, send a resume to  Thank you for your interest.

– Steve Schappert,

President, the Green Marketing Company

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