The Green Marketing Company Is Proud To Be Launching International Realty Network That Is Built On Trust & Sustainability

The Green Marketing Company is creating the marketing campaigns and plans to launch an international realty network.

There will be a 9 month build up before opening the first brokerages in Connecticut. There is currently a social media presence in 17 states and 7 countries, that will increase to 100 countries and 50 states.

Building Trust & Sustainability Globally:

Realty Trust Corp will license Buyers Trust and Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services offices around the globe.  The two brokerages will practice exclusive representation and NEVER put our clients in a position of dual agency.  The brokerages will have commercial and residential divisions.

Realty Trust roots run deep and green, the concept was developed by BIOS Building Technologies LLC, a green home improvement contracting company with a desire to reach more people and do more good.

The world needs to embrace sustainability.  True sustainability is not only good for the environment, it is tied to profitability.  Living sustainably means using resources wisely and isn’t that something we could all benefit from?

Realty Trust is looking for a few good folks around the world that understand the true meaning of

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Trust
  • Keeping a promise

The Opportunity:

  • The ability to stand out in a crowd
  • The ability to stand and deliver on your promise
  • The ability to laser focus your marketing message, streamline your operation and increase your overall profitability through referral income.

The Philosophy:

That trust shouldn’t be shakeable.  We believe that when you promise a buyer or seller to deliver the best service possible and get them the best deal, that promise should not take  a back seat when the agent is presented the opportunity to double their commission.  Fiduciary responsibility is not something to take lightly and as an agent you can either stand by your promise, and walk the walk or spend a lifetime making excuses.

“Doing the right thing leads to personal power, prosperity and a life of meaning.” – Tom Morris (Ethics article featured in Realtor Magazine titled TAKE THE HIGH ROAD)

Founder of Realty Trust, Steve Schappert was quoted as saying, “We are happy being David in a world of Goliaths.  We won’t be the largest brokerage in the world. Our pride will come from building TRUST, providing the best service and helping the world change for the better one property at a time.”

via Realty Trust Corp | Licensing entity for Buyers Trust and Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services.

Marketing Strategy – Responsible Consumption: The Next Frontier in Green Marketing : MarketingProfs Article

green marketing

Responsible Consumption: The Next Frontier in Green Marketing

by Jacquelyn Ottman  |  March 30, 2011  |  7,944 views

In this article, you’ll learn…

How to make your company greener and still profit

Four examples of green marketing successes

How you and your customer can engage in responsible consumption

The following article is adapted from The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding (Berrett-Koehler, February 2011).

Is Tom’s of Maine toothpaste really green if consumers leave the water running while they brush their teeth? Is an ENERGY STAR-rated light bulb really green if it remains on after everyone leaves the room?

It is one thing to design a product to be greener, but the negative environmental impact made throughout a product’s life-cycle cannot be minimized unless the consumer uses (and disposes of it) responsibly.

“Responsible consumption”—what I consider the next frontier of green marketing—is about conserving resources associated with using products. That includes encouraging consumers to use only what is needed and consciously reduce waste.

Sustainability leaders are striving for the ideal goals of zero waste and zero energy, but we will never get to zero until people learn to responsibly consume and properly dispose of the products they buy.

via Marketing Strategy – Responsible Consumption: The Next Frontier in Green Marketing : MarketingProfs Article.

The Green Marketing Company creates green building and contracting business in Connecticut

BIOS Building Technologies
Superior Building Performance For Better Living”

The Green Marketing Company is now a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC. BIOS Building Technologies of Connecticut provides cost effective design, construction and maintenance services for home, business & municipalities. BIOS Building Technologies combines old world craftsmanship with state of the art technology for superior building performance & better living. We implement highly efficient heating & cooling systems with weatherization services and state of the art building automation for a truly smart home, church or commercial building.

Our  main divisions consist of industrial coatingsenergy auditshouse paintingpower washingsmart homespanelized building systems,  property analysisland use consulting, and general contracting.

The Green Marketing Company opened for business in Connecticut in September of 2012. The marketing firm spent two years assisting small businesses with marketing and sales consultation. For the next 2 years The Green Marketing Company will devote all its resources to developing a cost effective, green contracting business throughout the State of Connecticut.

Steve Schappert of The Green Marketing Company has created several social media accounts to promote different aspects of our business. Our Twitter accounts include:

BIOS Building Technologies, additionsalternative energyBios WaterCar,                 building & insurance repairsdecksroofs, , carpentrygeneral contracting,                  energy auditsfire coatings,  floor coatingsinsulationhouse paintingpower washing,  smart homesthermal coatings industrial coatingscertified leadsafe renovationspanelized homesgraffiti removal property analysis and land use consulting to help you sell your realty for top dollar

We maintain several twitter accounts to promote energy audits and alternative energy in Connecticut, they are listed below.

BridgeportEnergBristol_Energy, DanburyEnergy, EnfieldEnergy, FairfieldEnerg,          GreenwichEnerg GrotonEnergy, Hartford_Energy, LitchfieldEnerg, MeridenEnergy,  MiddletownEnerg, NewBritainEnergNewHaven_Energy, NorwalkEnergy,  Stamford_Energy,   TorringtonEnerg, WallingfordEnrg, WaterburyEnergy  and WindhamEnergy

On Facebook we can be found at the following locations: Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings BIOS Building  Technologies Connecticut Power Washing Connecticut House Painters Connecticut Carpenters BIOS WaterCar Sell Your Real Estate Panelized Building Systems The Green Marketing Company BIOS Magazine Connecticut Energy Audit

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings

logo180The Green Marketing company now provides marketing services for Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings. Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings provides cost effective beauty, durability & energy efficiency for your home, office or investment property. Whether you are selling and simply need a quick coat of paint or you are tired of living in a drafty home, we can help!

We are now providing the only insulating coating additive promoted on the NASA website and we can protect, and beautify your home with this amazing product for the same cost as a paint job!

We Offer No Payments & No Interest For 6 months For all Jobs Booked in The Next Two Weeks!  Get Details

We specialize in customer satisfaction and offer:
* No job too big or small
* Fast Response:
* Neat, Clean & Courteous Crews
* Experience with over 800 jobs successfully completed.
* Honesty & Integrity: We do the job right according to the standards we create to fit your needs.

We specialize in creating a thermal barrier, most homes built before 2006 don’t have house wrap. Most windows are drafty due to improper installation. We address the issues that most energy audits don’t. Your energy problems begin outside, we do more than paint we weatherize your home and create a thermal barrier that begins in your basement, seals your windows and gives your attic the best blend of sealing and ventilation.147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

Visit our official website!  Schedule a free estimate with no obligation call Steve Schappert  203-994-3950 for a free estimate.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Why Green Marketing is Good Marketing and How It Can Help You Prosper in Any Market

Green marketing Blogby Steve Schappert

Green Marketing is alive and well among those that know how to use it.  Green marketing will continue to grow and blossom if you remember one important fact.  People want to know what the immediate benefit is to them.  Immediate means right here and right now, if you lose sight of that fact you will be lost and your competition will fill the need for your customer.  If you think your green initiatives will drive customers to your doors you are looking at people needs upside down, snap out of it quickly before it’s too late!

Regardless of the economy there is a very specific order to people’s needs. Survival is at the top of people’s needs, things like breathing, food, water, sex and sleep trump saving a tree. In a down economy people are much more aware and concerned about affording groceries than saving the planet.  Morality, self actualization, and all that feel good, fufu crap is a polar and absolute opposite to food on the table.  If your headline focuses on fufu and your competitor focuses on addressing basic human needs, what do you think the outcome will be?  “Umm… bankruptcy?”  Ding, ding ding!  Correct answer!

I know, it sounds like green marketing and doing good is a losing proposition, but bear with me for a few moments, and I’ll try and break it down. Green marketing addresses the complete product life cycle because sustainability done right, creates sustainable profits. Sustainable profits help you build a successful brand with staying power. The benefit to the planet is you learn to do more with less and you help others by serving as an example.  People like people that do good things and help them, so they buy more from these folks, creating more business, earning more money so they can do more good. Marketing promotes your brand, green marketing builds your brand for the long haul.

Don’t ignore human nature, it never changes. Good, green marketing accepts human nature and works with it to inspire action.  Action can be purchasing your product or people modeling your success; that is how big changes happen. Good, green marketing starts with a single step, stay focused and come up with one thing that you can do to increase customer service and satisfaction while increasing profits and not hurting people or planet.  You might be stumped at first, but give it a moment, the ideas will come.  Usually the ahaa moment is when you realize an increase in customer service and satisfaction creates repeat customers, which is the quickest way to growing your business.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Increasing Sales With Green Marketing

  1. Big Promise: Determine how you can make your customers life better right now. What do you do better than the competition?  What is the big promise that your company is founded on?  How do you help them survive and prosper?
  2. Safety:  Provide reassurance that doing business with you is a good choice.  You are the safe choice and the right choice.
  3. Bonding:  Welcome them to the growing family of customers that chose to work with you. People desire a sense belonging, when they join your team they will tell others.
  4. Respect:  Point out how the decision they just made will earn them respect and esteem from others.  People like to be respected and want to feel good about their buying decisions.  Why will their boss, coworker or spouse be happy about the purchase?
  5. Doing the Right Thing: Finally, reassure them that they are doing the right thing.  They are buying a quality product or service made by hardworking, caring people that receive a fair wage for their efforts. The world is a better place because of their decision and together you helped solve a global problem while inspiring morality and creativity.

Steve Schappert is a certified energy and marketing expert and can help your business lower energy use and increase sales.   Steve serves as The President of The Green Marketing Company and publisher of The Good Word.  Contact Steve today for a free marketing consultation and a 20% discount on advertising on The Good Word. 203-994-3950  Email



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Lower Your Energy Bill With No Money Down

C-PACE provides 100% upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners for qualified energy upgrades. Game-changing benefits for owners are:

  • C-PACE assessments may qualify as an operating expense. This means owners can finance improvements without incurring additional debt and preserve capital and credit lines for core business investments. Also, under typical leases, payments – as well as energy savings – can be passed along to tenants.
  • The tax obligation (which is attached to the property) transfers upon sale to the new owner. Unlike other lending options, payments do not accelerate in case of default.
  • The C-PACE program requires projects to be cash flow-positive from project completion. Financing is structured so that energy savings must more than offset the additional property tax assessment.
  • Deeper energy upgrades are possible because the term of the assessment is up to 20 years and stays with the property rather than the owner.
  • Owners achieve lower operating costs due to increased energy efficiency, improved asset value from new equipment, and a better indoor air quality and comfort for tenants.
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What Does Your Business Need To Succeed?

This is one of the most challenging markets I have seen. At age 49 I fortunately didn’t have to go though the great depression.

More sales, more diverse product line, a larger staff…every business is different and the needs are different, but two things remain constant, you need off the charts creativity and finite knowledge to get you where you need to go.

steve peaceThe first thing I suggest is to talk to someone about your business, just brain storm and see what happens, too often we get tunnel vision.

I don’t think like most people. I’m a little different, some say crazy, some say genius.  Do you think you can succeed in these times by thinking like everyone else?

4 years ago, I had $69 million in financing as CT’s leader in green building, I was pouring the foundation for my $3.5 million home and office when the market crashed and my partner left me for dead. (financially anyway) Not really his fault, times were bad and he had to go.

Armed with $143 and a 72’ convertible Mustang, I toured the country and figured out how to increase the gas mileage by 58%.  I was featured on ABC, NBC and CNN .  Like I said, I’m a little different, my high school guidance counselor told me I was the only learning disabled genius she ever met.  Overcoming a traumatic brain injury at 15 helped me become a great teacher.

8 Months ago I created THE GOOD WORD, a multi media publication with a print piece that reaches 500,000 people in Western CT. The Website http://TheGoodWord.Me now gets about  a million hits a day, is written in 67 languages and read in 163 countries. Now I am   developing town and state pages for THE GOOD WORD to expand the reach and recruit licensees.

One Question:  How can I help you?

Someone to Listen: Many times all it takes to jump start your business is to talk to someone, get a different perspective or simply reconfirm what you already know.  Go ahead pick up the phone and call me at 203-994-3950. Let’s chat and hash out a cost effective plan to get you moving in the right direction!

Consulting:  I have an uncanny ability to convey complex techniques in simple terms. I have taught kindergarten, high school and college. I taught Realtors about green building at the national real estate convention in Vegas and a master’s class in elementary education  at Yale Peabody. Our most popular product is a websuite that integrates a website with social media and the training to allow you to promote yourself, starting at $300.

Website: Do you want to go global, regional or local?

Advertising: print, social or online – we can help.

Social Media:  Are you reaching out on a consistent basis, nobody will listen if your not talking.  We can insure that your message is delivered hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly so you stay on top of people conscious and sub conscious mind.

Leave a comment and join the discussion!  We can learn from each other.

Don’t Put Off Your Dreams Another Day!

Call Me Today at 203-994-3950 for a free 30 minute phone consultation to jump start your business!

or Email

The Green Marketing Company opens shop in Thomaston CT.

147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787Steve Schappert formerly of Brookfield, CT has opened a marketing business in Thomaston. CT.  The company was founded in Schappert’s home town of Brookfield, CT. The new office is located at 147 Elm Street, Thomaston, CT. 06787.  The property was originally built by and lived in by Seth Thomas, the world famous clock maker that Thomaston is named after.  Schappert registered the company at Thomaston town hall in August and the Google maps application was registered the first week of September.  The first in a series of marketing seminars will begin on September 26 at the new office.

Get the full story

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