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The Green Marketing Company Is Proud To Be Launching International Realty Network That Is Built On Trust & Sustainability

The Green Marketing Company is creating the marketing campaigns and plans to launch an international realty network.

There will be a 9 month build up before opening the first brokerages in Connecticut. There is currently a social media presence in 17 states and 7 countries, that will increase to 100 countries and 50 states.

Building Trust & Sustainability Globally:

Realty Trust Corp will license Buyers Trust and Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services offices around the globe.  The two brokerages will practice exclusive representation and NEVER put our clients in a position of dual agency.  The brokerages will have commercial and residential divisions.

Realty Trust roots run deep and green, the concept was developed by BIOS Building Technologies LLC, a green home improvement contracting company with a desire to reach more people and do more good.

The world needs to embrace sustainability.  True sustainability is not only good for the environment, it is tied to profitability.  Living sustainably means using resources wisely and isn’t that something we could all benefit from?

Realty Trust is looking for a few good folks around the world that understand the true meaning of

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Trust
  • Keeping a promise

The Opportunity:

  • The ability to stand out in a crowd
  • The ability to stand and deliver on your promise
  • The ability to laser focus your marketing message, streamline your operation and increase your overall profitability through referral income.

The Philosophy:

That trust shouldn’t be shakeable.  We believe that when you promise a buyer or seller to deliver the best service possible and get them the best deal, that promise should not take  a back seat when the agent is presented the opportunity to double their commission.  Fiduciary responsibility is not something to take lightly and as an agent you can either stand by your promise, and walk the walk or spend a lifetime making excuses.

“Doing the right thing leads to personal power, prosperity and a life of meaning.” – Tom Morris (Ethics article featured in Realtor Magazine titled TAKE THE HIGH ROAD)

Founder of Realty Trust, Steve Schappert was quoted as saying, “We are happy being David in a world of Goliaths.  We won’t be the largest brokerage in the world. Our pride will come from building TRUST, providing the best service and helping the world change for the better one property at a time.”

via Realty Trust Corp | Licensing entity for Buyers Trust and Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services.

The Green Marketing Company creates green building and contracting business in Connecticut

BIOS Building Technologies
Superior Building Performance For Better Living”

The Green Marketing Company is now a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC. BIOS Building Technologies of Connecticut provides cost effective design, construction and maintenance services for home, business & municipalities. BIOS Building Technologies combines old world craftsmanship with state of the art technology for superior building performance & better living. We implement highly efficient heating & cooling systems with weatherization services and state of the art building automation for a truly smart home, church or commercial building.

Our  main divisions consist of industrial coatingsenergy auditshouse paintingpower washingsmart homespanelized building systems,  property analysisland use consulting, and general contracting.

The Green Marketing Company opened for business in Connecticut in September of 2012. The marketing firm spent two years assisting small businesses with marketing and sales consultation. For the next 2 years The Green Marketing Company will devote all its resources to developing a cost effective, green contracting business throughout the State of Connecticut.

Steve Schappert of The Green Marketing Company has created several social media accounts to promote different aspects of our business. Our Twitter accounts include:

BIOS Building Technologies, additionsalternative energyBios WaterCar,                 building & insurance repairsdecksroofs, , carpentrygeneral contracting,                  energy auditsfire coatings,  floor coatingsinsulationhouse paintingpower washing,  smart homesthermal coatings industrial coatingscertified leadsafe renovationspanelized homesgraffiti removal property analysis and land use consulting to help you sell your realty for top dollar

We maintain several twitter accounts to promote energy audits and alternative energy in Connecticut, they are listed below.

BridgeportEnergBristol_Energy, DanburyEnergy, EnfieldEnergy, FairfieldEnerg,          GreenwichEnerg GrotonEnergy, Hartford_Energy, LitchfieldEnerg, MeridenEnergy,  MiddletownEnerg, NewBritainEnergNewHaven_Energy, NorwalkEnergy,  Stamford_Energy,   TorringtonEnerg, WallingfordEnrg, WaterburyEnergy  and WindhamEnergy

On Facebook we can be found at the following locations: Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings BIOS Building  Technologies Connecticut Power Washing Connecticut House Painters Connecticut Carpenters BIOS WaterCar Sell Your Real Estate Panelized Building Systems The Green Marketing Company BIOS Magazine Connecticut Energy Audit

How to develop a sustainability marketing strategy

Are you currently developing a sustainability marketing strategy? Want some tips on how to make it as effective as possible? Then listen to this webinar recording.

This session will cover:

* Understanding why sustainability marketing is different to conventional marketing

* Developing the sustainability marketing mix: Where to start

* Real life examples of successful and not-so-successful green marketing campaigns

* How social media is transforming sustainability marketing and how to make the most of it

* Top tips for making your campaign a success

* Q&A session

The speaker for the session, Ken Peattie, spent the last 11 years as the Director of BRASS, the Centre for Business, Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society, and is also a Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. The work of BRASS focused on business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and particularly on the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders.

He has 20 years of experience researching how businesses are integrating sustainability principles into their corporate and marketing strategies.

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