Strategies for the Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business
Businesses are entering the green marketplace at breakneck speed to keep pace with customer and societal demands to reduce their environmental impacts. But greening one’s business is no small feat. While clear opportunities abound in this new economy, business leaders pursuing a green strategy are finding few roadmaps and established rules and plenty of hidden twists and turns. So, how does a company succeed in a world gone green?

The New Rules of Green Marketing
New Rules of Green Marketing helps readers understand why value-based sustainability marketing has become a critical organizational capacity, and how readers can adopt these practices in their own organizations.




Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate
Green Development is good for business. Tenants, owners, purchasers, and brokers are all becoming more sophisticated and are realizing the financial and social benefits of green product. Gerald Hines, Chairman of Hines. Environmentally responsible real estate development makes dollars and sense.

Green Marketing Management
*Author: Dahlstrom, Robert *Publication Date: 2010/07/19 *Number of Pages: 334




Green Profit on Retailing
This collection of more than 100 articles from the pages of Green Profit and GrowerTalks magazines includes topics such as display and merchandising ideas, marketing and promotional campaigns, marketing on the Web, management and customer service, plant varieties and care, and seasonal promotions.

Green Your Work
Today, many companies are flourishing by delivering high-quality products while pursuing policies that leave the world a cleaner, better place. Those policies can help retain customers, energize employees, and serve as brand-building tools. This book shows managers practical steps to make their companies environmentally responsible while staying profitable and efficient.

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