The Green Marketing Company Empowers You

To Take Control Of Your Connecticut Business.

The Green marketing Company empowers you to take control of your business

The Green Marketing Company offers a wide range of products to assist small and medium sized Connecticut companies and powerful advertising products to satisfy even the largest corporate brands.

We Are Marketing Mentors

The Green Marketing Company of Connecticut creates marketing campaigns and more importantly we teach you how to take control of the marketing efforts of your Connecticut business with very powerful tools such as HootSuite .  Founder, Steve Schappert has taught Elementary, middle, high school and College students, even a master’s class in elementary education at Yale Peabody.  Schappert has an ability to convey complex issues into simple terms.

The benefit to you is being able to get a jump start on your marketing efforts while keeping long term expenses minimized.

We hope you find the website informative. Please feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute phone consultation. 203-994-3950

“Keep stepping forward. Persistence conquers all, there is no replacement, not talent, genius, or education… nothing comes close. Persistence is born of passion and determination and can be found at the root of every great human achievement. When persistence is fueled by the heart, there are no limits to your success. Determine the object of your desire and get started today” ~ Steve Schappert


For more details click on the billing link. The Green Marketing Company can show you how to offer the same terms to your customers, a proven way to boost sales by up to 43% and increase average order sizes by up to 75%.

Don’t wait another moment! Contact Steve Schappert today to start building your business. 203-994-3950

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